Second Album Studio Footage


We have been having an awesome time in the studio working on our second album.  In the last blog I explained what the process of recording and how we changed it for this album.  If you missed it you can read about it here.  I am so happy we did because their is a creative flow among everyone that just feels right.  We just finished up writng and picking the songs for the album so now the real recording begins! During the writing phase we all just jam together and if we come up with something we like we record the song idea as a demo.  The demo is then used as a guide for the song’s real recording.  The video below is some footage of us working in our home studio and the song featured  is one of the raw demo’s recorded live during a jam session that will be recorded on the album.  I will be posting a blog every 3 to 4 weeks to keep everyone updated on the album’s progress.



4 thoughts on “Second Album Studio Footage

  1. I miss you guys. sounds good as usual a little picthy though (jk) you need to feature Marty more 🙂 – a nice face melter would have completed this nice tender song.

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