Whitehouse Players Recording A Second Album!

We are in the studio doing things a little different this time.  Usually when starting work on an album the genre, direction and what audience you want to target is decided first.  This mainstream norm puts you in a superficial creative box that limits and forces you to come up with songs that you think your audience wants to hear instead of what comes from the heart.  The ideas and songs are usually recorded like an assembly line – adding ideas or parts in stages.  While recording, this can have you over analyzing and second guessing it in the end.  This time we are giving our heart and soul to the audience!  Our second album, set to be released in Winter of 2014, will be created without any of those mainstream boundaries.  The songs are being created “in the moment” by four individuals sitting down together and jamming – fueled by the love of music and created by what they feel instead of  “let’s do what is popular”.  We have one request for those who purchase our upcoming album.  Find a comfortable place, insert cd, press play, sit back and unwind.  We want your every moment spent listening to this album to be in that same place we were while creating it….a state of euphoria.

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